Client:Proactive Management, USA, is a behavioural health and social service management consultant firm.

Industry: Healthcare.

Project Scope: The client makes applications development under agile methodologies specially oriented to medical institutions, covering a wide spectrum of areas (appointments, resource management, practice records, insurance reports, online certifications and systems for tracking associated legal aspects).As well as systems development for general management.

Implemented Solution: During the first stage of work with the client maintenance of current systems was undertaken. At the same time a replacement of the applied technologies and work methodologies was started in order to keep deadlines and small equipment maintenance with a wide variety of similar projects that required diverse customizations for each institution.

Currently, there is a general development framework and a wide variety of reusable modules that allow customization and implementation of new systems in a few weeks using dynamic interfaces specially designed for areas where fast loading and data visualization are of paramount importance. All these systems are customized according to business rules indicated by each client and the internal processes with full flexibility in implementations without compromising deadlines and resources.

Technologies: ASP.NET 4.0, AJAX.NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008 R2 + Integration Services + Reporting Services, Telerik RadControls for AJAX.NET, Telerik Reporting, WebServices, jQuery + jQuery UI, Google Calendar API + OAuth.


  • Costs reduction.
  • More efficient task execution.