Client:DirecTV is the largest satellite pay TV operator in the world with 31 million clients in United States and Latin America. It is present in Argentina since 1998 with around 1.5 million users.




Project Scope: The development of a new version of the application Asignador Único was required, in the framework for the migration from IBS to its version 6. The application would receive information from IBS6 system about Activities in Clients (installation, assistance and unregister) to process and these activities should be allocated to authorised Dealers, based on the application of the rules defined by area and available attention volume, generating the corresponding Work Orders in IBS6.


Implemented Solution:

The implemented solution was divided in five modules:

1) Global Options;

2) Installations;

3) Technical assistance;

4) Removal;

5) Logistics



.NET Framework, interaction with SQL Server, ASP.NET.



  • Customer Management processes optimization.
  • Satisfaction of new accounts demands increase.