Client:Movicom BellSouth

Industry: Telecommunications.

Project Scope: A gateway creation was required for real time capturing of CDRs CDMA switches with a total amount of 10 million mobiles.

Implemented Solution: A mission-critical application was developed to capture CDRs (call detail records). The gateway was connected to the switches using a specific synchronic RS422 hardware and LAPB / HDLC protocols were implemented with a finite-state automaton. The model operated with instantiated automaton as threads in a classic producer-consumer concurrency model. It also injected the CDRs in the ORACLE database which were later processed by billing processes. In order to give an idea of the volume, the 8 gateways that made up the solution processed about 8.000.000 dollars per day. The High Availability rate reached 99, 9%, that is to say, a downtime of only 8 hours per year.

Technologies: C, C++, Win32, Windows NT and XP, TCP/IP, Socket programming


  • Costs reduction.
  • More efficient task execution.
  • Communication costs reduction.