Client:Sodimac is a retail company, an industry which has reached a leadership position in the market of home improvement stores. Its activity is focused on developing and providing solution to clients building projects as well as satisfying improvement and decoration needs of their homes.

Industry: Retail.


Project Scope:  Sodimac company, leader in providing solutions to building projects, required optimisation of its procedures since they did not have a management system and vendors budget control with a corresponding follow-up until final dispatch. In addition, reports to make future plans were needed to reach a more accurate decision making.


Solution: VMN+ developed SODIMAC Business Sales, a web intranet application which allows the sales force to register in the system their clients or sales leads in order to register budgets taking into account available products in the store taking into account taxes conditions to be applied in each case. Budget information allows monitoring its progress as its status changes until the product is finally dispatched to the client.

The application has different modules:

  • Client Management: It allows the vendor to register clients in the system which are validated in an external database with their tax information
  • Activity Records. Salesperson can register their work outside the company in search for new clients allowing accurate expenses liquidation.
  • Quote Generator: It allows storing system clients’ budgets. Since vendors were used to making use of applications such as Microsoft Excel to register a budget, this module was created as similar as possible so that the user dynamically uploads the products to be budgeted and do not reload the site automatically calculating each value on screen as it is modified.
  • Shipments: This module is in charge of logistics. Once a budget is generated it is possible to assign bills and to plan receipts for future delivery.
  • Sales Base: Reports arising from budget and bills information, from each salesperson commission up to sales and profit margin.



Technologies: .NET, MVC 4, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Oracle, SignalR, JQuery, KnockoutJS.


  • Labour cost reduction.
  • More efficient task execution.
  • Client follow-up optimization.
  • Sale completion percentage increase.
  • Reduction in time of payment.