Company: SAS

Industry: Business Intelligence

Project: Telecom Personal

Product: SNA (Social Network Analysis): The product consists of diverse components that allow the client to analyze customer behavior within mobile networks (calls, SMS, MMS, etc) as if they were social media networks. It qualifies each call as leaders, followers, and marginal members based on inbound and outbound calls. In the second stage, the product analyzes whether the customer has changed their telephone number during a predetermined periodas well as the behavior patterns among different types of calls.

Problem: Churn rate is one of the biggest problems that affect the telecom business. One of the main carriers in Latin America wanted to try a new approach to reduce the churn rate by looking at how individuals affect the network overall.

After conducting research, the carrier found that there are three types of customers: Leaders, followers, and marginal members. The leaders were the most important among the three because if they left the carrier, their followers tended to go with them, increasing the churn rate. Therefore, the carrier needed a software platform that could identify how customers interacted with one another in a mobile network.

Solution: VMN+ deployed and customized a SAS platform that would analyze various mobile networks, identifying which customers are leaders so that the carrier could target them and encourage them to stay in their network community. By maintaining the network leadership, the carrier vastly mitigates the churn rate to manage the network effectively and maintain the customer base.

The VMN+ development team built the platform using tools such as SAS Base 9.2 and Enterprise Guide 4.1 to conduct analysis procedures like testing and development, as well as others like SAS Social Network Analysis Server and SAS Data Integration.

The platform processes huge volumes of data in order to monitor and manage every network community in the region. Consequently, the VMN+ team had to implement effective analysis procedures and mission critical systems that could scale with the network’s demands. Their work culminated in a product that not only manages the entire mobile network and the individuals it comprises, but does so safely without the risk of being overwhelmed by the large volume of data requests.

Client: Claro

Products: (Automated Targeting Mobile Market Campaign)

Problem: Argentina’s leading carrier needed a software system that determines which users are optimal for promotional campaigns before sending time-sensitive material. Their system would serve as an automated mobile marketing campaign that improves customer retention and generates revenue with real-time purchases.

Solution: The VMN+ team developed a solution using SAS products–such as SAS Customer Intelligence Studio–that sends promotional campaigns throughout prepaid networks in accordance with the carrier’s campaign criteria. Prepaid lines that met the criteria are sent SMS messages. These messages may contain offers for a higher number of text messages or additional credit for calls based on whether or not they activate the promotion.

Using this template, VMN+ expanded the platform to include other types of campaigns–such as Music or Cloud services–that focus on clients with particular interests, offering them specific services depending their interests and their network usage.

Impact: The carrier’s mobile marketing solution processes more than 500,000 lines each day across 3 countries (Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina), with over 45,000 customers activating the promotions. As a result, the carrier not only lowers its churn rates by maintaining consumer engagement, but also generates more revenue from their customer base via their automated marketing campaigns.

Technologies Used:

  • SAS Customer Intelligence Studio 5.4
  • SAS Data Integration Studio 4.4
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1
  • SAS Information MAP Studio 4.31
  • SAS Management Console 9.3

Client: Movistar (3 VMN+ resources)

Project: RTDM (Real Time Decision Manager)

Products: Visual Analytics, Real Time Decision Manager, Guide, Manager Console, ESP, Sas Enviroment manager

Problem: Like Claro, Movistar needed a solution to automate mobile marketing campaigns in order to lower churn rate and increase customer engagement. Movistar had developed a set of pre-configured analysis rules, but they still needed a system that could use those rules to analyze real-time events across cellular networks and send out promotional deals accordingly.

Solution: VMN+ developed the RTDM platform for Movistar, implementing the modular criteria rules as well as a two-part analysis procedure:

1. Client events (such as credit charges, insufficient funds, device changes, adding new lines, etc) are sent through the RTDM, where they are qualified according to each client’s profile and the analysis criteria. The RTDM then sends offers and discounts to qualified clients depending on their activities.

2. If the client accepts the promotion, they RTDM registers them as a campaign success. Each success allows Movistar to refine the RTDM’s criteria and modify their promotions and offers, allowing Movistar to adapt quickly to customer behavioral changes and improve the campaign’s efficiency.

Impact: With the RTDM, Movistar not only diminished it churn rate by maintaining customer engagement in its mobile networks, but also could modify its criteria and analytics to target new customer bases, allowing it to adapt to changing consumer trends, increase its revenue, and maintain relevancy in the market.