Company: SAS Industry: Business Intelligence Project: Telecom Personal Product: SNA (Social Network Analysis): The product consists of diverse components that allow the client to analyze customer behavior within mobile networks (calls, SMS, MMS, etc) as if they were social media networks. It qualifies each call as leaders, followers, and marginal members based on inbound and outbound calls.…


Vendor B/OSS , Finland

Client: Comptel is an international Software and Services Company specialized in telecommunications and serving any company which has the need for processing staggering amount of data and acting upon it.   Industry: BSS/OSS   Project Scope: The client needed the installation and customization of its platform to process the Fixed Telephony Traffic CDRs of a…


Telefónica, Argentina

Client:Movicom BellSouth Industry: Telecommunications. Project Scope: A gateway creation was required for real time capturing of CDRs CDMA switches with a total amount of 10 million mobiles. Implemented Solution: A mission-critical application was developed to capture CDRs (call detail records). The gateway was connected to the switches using a specific synchronic RS422 hardware and LAPB…


Healthcare Payment Specialists, LLC. (USA)

Client: Healthcare Payment Specialists (HPS) specializes in government reimbursement and payment issues for hospital systems.   Industry: Intranet web site, WCF services (SaaS).   Project Scope: The client has a platform in which different hospitals and private establishments from the health area may upload documents related to balance sheets and patient demographic data to process…


Claro Argentina, del grupo América Móvil

Client:Claro Argentina, by the group América Móvil, leading provider of telecommunication services in Latin America with operations in 18 countries on the American continent. Claro brand is present in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. Industry:Telecommunications Project Scope: Our client…